Continuous Monitoring

We always encourage our clients to learn as much as they can about the configuration, integration, and installation of our instruments. We are a teaching company and love to share what we’ve learned from our experience. We are committed to improving the quality of data collected because important decisions about our present and future water resources are made based upon these data.

Skill and experience are required in order to properly integrate multiple instruments into a single continuous monitoring system. Transmitting data from a remote location to a website is sometimes more art than science. Let WMS provide our specialized expertise with instrumentation, integration, and telemetry to optimize your monitoring program. We will work with you to identify opportunities and clarify monitoring objectives to meet your data collection and quality assurance requirements.

Data Collection

The journey starts with deciding what you want or need to measure. For water quality, WMS features Xylem Analytics, Inc. products which include YSI EXO sondes, SonTek acoustic Doppler velocity meters, and WaterLog water level, data logging and telemetry systems. As the sole authorized representative of these instruments in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and western Tennessee, we have a direct line of communication with the factory experts for training and technical support.

The staff at WMS are experts in the application of these meters and take the extra time to make sure you are comfortable with your equipment. We are available for both formal and informal training to help you with calibration, care and maintenance, and troubleshooting. See our Instrumentation Page for more information on the products we proudly represent.

Data Logging

Once data are collected, the next step is finding a place to store them. For continuous monitoring applications, data are stored in a data logger and transmitted to a server. The WaterLog product line offers a variety of data logging and telemetry platforms to meet your monitoring needs. The data loggers are programmable, offer many communications options, and can integrate with sensors from a wide variety of manufacturers. WMS offers assistance with the integration, configuration and installation of our data loggers because we understand how important collecting reliable and accurate data is to you.

Data Transmission

Now you have data collected and recorded, the next step is determining “How are these data going to get from the data logger to where I need them?” Let WMS walk you through the data transmission options available to get your data where it can do you the most good. Whether you want to drive up and download data wirelessly from the comfort of your vehicle or transmit data to a website, the knowledgeable and friendly staff at WMS can put their experience to work for you.

Installation Services

Few clients can confidently install a system without any assistance so WMS is often solicited for consultation, configuration, or turn-key installation services. We are here to support you by custom tailoring our services to meet your individual needs. Whether you want us to configure a new system, enhance an existing one, integrate sensors, or just program a data logger; we are excited to be a partner in your monitoring program. We offer a number of flexible options ranging from strictly providing instruments to offering a full-service, turn-key installation. WMS is pleased to perform routine calibration, site maintenance, data evaluation and reporting for applications ranging from groundwater wells to mounting buoys. Contact us today to discuss your monitoring program.

Just a few examples of what we can do together:

  • Continuous Turbidity Monitoring Buoys with Alarm System
  • Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) Monitoring Project
  • San Antonio River Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Stations
  • Tribal Continuous Water Quality Monitoring

Consulting Services

Aquatic Sciences

Evaluating an aquatic ecosystem is a complicated process. Critical metrics used to evaluate any aquatic ecosystem include the species present and species abundance. Poor collection techniques or inaccurate identification can skew the results and jeopardize an entire project. Let the skilled WMS team plan and execute this important data collection for you. We have the equipment needed and the expertise to run the project correctly. WMS is authorized by Texas Parks and Wildlife to perform electroshocking and seining for aquatic and marine fish species, as well as aquatic and terrestrial insects. The permit is easily amendable and can be tailored to meet your needs through our experience and contacts within the agency. We have operated aquatic studies in numerous watersheds with varying project objectives. Below are a few examples of studies that we have completed.

Just a few examples of what we can do together:

  • Biological Community Monitoring in the Cypress Creek Basin
  • Biological and Habitat Monitoring of the East Fork Trinity River
  • Fish Sampling and Bathymetry in Las Colinas, Texas

Data Evaluation/Stream Assessments

Large datasets can be intimidating. WMS is experienced in the evaluation of technical data and performing complex statistical analysis. We have worked with governmental and private entities and understand the complexities associated with water management projects and reporting requirements. Through collaboration, we can ensure quality information is used for form decisions and help protect our water resources into the future.

Just a few examples of what we can do together:

  • TCEQ Clean Rivers Program
  • Recreational Use Attainability Analysis & Bacterial Assessment of Big Cypress, Hart and Tankersley Creek
  • Upper Trinity River Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)



Accurately quantifying our water resources is crucial to the success of any water management program. Measuring flow or the hydraulic characteristics of a water body can be accomplished with a variety of meters with each being best-suited for specific applications. Don’t get caught upstream without a paddle! Let WMS provide you with equipment recommendations, site selection, and hydrologic studies planning. From irrigation canals, to streams, to rivers, WMS has years of experience measuring flow in a variety of conditions. Our expertise ensures that the data obtained are of the highest quality possible. With good data, good management decisions are possible! Below are just a few examples of the studies WMS has had the honor to perform for our clients. From tidal cycle to gain-loss studies, WMS can meet all of your hydrological measurement needs.

Just a few examples of what we can do together:

  • Gain-Loss Study of the Lower Nueces River
  • Hydrological Study of South Concho River Basin
  • Hydrographical Survey and Tidal Cycle Flow Monitoring


Bathymetry & Volume

Reservoir storage capacity and sediment loading are serious concerns and it is important to know if a water source is as plentiful as it needs to be to support our growing communities. Human activities like construction and industrial processes contribute to sediment loading and can quickly reduce storage capacity.

WMS has contracted with municipalities and prominent consulting firms to perform bathymetric and volumetric studies using an acoustic Doppler profiler. These data are used to make capital intensive decisions like dredging or putting limited resources into other activities. The highest quality data can help support the decisions being made in today’s complex world. WMS will either collect the data for you to analyze or provide a full report.

Just a few examples of what we can do together:

  • Lake Bathymetry, Dissolved Oxygen and Nutrient Monitoring of Grapevine Lake
  • Bathymetry and Volumetric Study of Lake Sulphur Springs